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Measuring Instruments

Weltec School of Engineering

Understanding of Measuring Instruments in a Mechanical Engineering Workshop.

1 2     3
6       7                        
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      10           11
12                               13  
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      22 23                    

2.86400 seconds make a?
4.tool for marking centre points (2 Words)
6.imperial measurement sys?
7.checks radial and linear surface to 0.01mm (2 Words)
8.meter times 1000
10.measure time in?
12.can measure to 0.01mm (internal) (2 Words)
14.go no-go gauge type?
17.12 inchs is a...
19.tool for checking straightness (2 Words)
23.measures length, angles and set 45 and 90
24.meter divided by 1000 is...
25.3144960 seconds make a?
26.used for measuring angles?
27.tool to check vertical (2 Words)
1.can measure to 0.01mm (external) (2 Words)
2.engineering tool for marking circles
3.used to measure items?
5.used for marking steel (temparory)
9.metric measurement sys?
10.a special place to check components dimensionally (2 Words)
11.uses a bubble to measure level
13.checks the vertival height and marks? (2 Words)
15.used for checking a bolt thread (2 Words)
16.used for marking big circles
18.can measure temperature
20.tool for marking steel (permanent)
21.funny name tool sounds like wood
22.metric unit for weight is...

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