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Designing Data Entry Forms

Maura Girvan

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1.Experienced users should be able to perform frequently using these.(5,4)
5.It is important to ensure users need not enter the same information more than once.(8)
8.The process of initially capturing source data.(4,7)
12.There are four types of data entered into forms: entered directly, retrieved from system, default values and one other. (10)
15.Users new to the system who need a simple and basic interface.(6)
16.Controls included when users need to choose one response from a list of mutually exclusive options.(5,7)
19.The process of converting source data into a machine-readable form and entering them into a computer.(4,5)
20.It is important that all forms and screens within one application look alike.(11)
2.When the same information is required to be entered more than once. (10)
3.Users with extended experience in the application and who expect advance features and capabilities.(6)
4.At front of high commission of interactivity and its principles determine data entry form layout.(3,6)
6.What does good data entry design prevent?(4,5,6)
7.A control to allow users to select one or more items from a list of possible choices(5,3)
9.How can a designer prevent data entry errors?(10)
10.Type of space on a form or a screen that contains no information; empty space.(5,5)
11.When designing forms it is important to let the user explore. They can do this by using a particular type of control.(10)
13.When designing forms this option must always be available to allow users to leave the system.(4)
14.All related information placed to-gether.(7)
17.Another word meaning to search a database.(6)
18.To ensure logical sequencing in Microsoft Access and VB.net the designer can change this.(3,5)

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