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Charlotte's Web

E.B. White

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1.what did Charlotte call her egg sac?
5.how many spiders stayed with Wilbur when they got home?
6.the sign on Wilbur's new pigpen said 'zuckermans' ________ pig.
7.Did Fern visit her pet?
10.what words did Charlotte spin next?
11.Who did Fern sell her pet to?
13.what was the name of the rat in the barn?
15.what color medal did Wilbur win?
16.what did Fern name the animal?
19.what words did Charlotte spin to help Wilbur from being killed?
21.Wilbur's heart almost stopped when he hear"you'll get extra good ham and bacon when it comes time to kill that _____.
2.who broke the goose's rotten egg?
3.what song did the crickets sing?
4.did Fern's pet ever try to escape from the barn?
5.Fern found out that her pet can______.
8.when wilbur felt lonely who did he meet?
9.at the fair who won the 1st prize?
12.who carried Charlotte's egg sac home?
14.was Charlotte able to make it back home?
17.templeton didn't like being treated like a messsanger ______.
18.how many children is charlotte going to have?
20.What animal did Fern keep her dad from killing?

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