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Christmas Chemistry

Dr Julia Percival

A puzzle about the chemistry behind christmas including snow, fake snow, make-your-own-snow and other snow-related facts

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5.the thermodynamic term describing disorder
7.the number of sides a snowflake has
9.a large molecule made up of smaller repeating molecular units
13.the negative fundamental particle that causes the repulsion in H2O that makes it a bent molecule
15.the household cleaning solution that the pet snowflake is made from
16.the name for materials where their atoms are ordered in a regular pattern
17.what the snow at the poles does to incoming radiation to help keep us cool
18.the termodynamic term describing heat flow of a process
19.the Inuit word for "fallen snow"
20.the name for a solution that has the maximum amount of solute dissolved in it
1.A particle of this is the centre of each snowflake
2.the substance that fake snow is made from
3.what is formed when water is cooled below 0 degrees centigrade?
4.the mathematical name for a six sided shape
6.The state in the USA where the worlds biggest snow-person was made
8.the substance added to fake snow to make it snow-like
10.the name of the small repeating units that make up a larger chain type molecule
11.The action of a solid falling out of solution
12.the metal present in table salt
14.the glass like crystal made from silicon and oxygen, can come in several colours

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