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Musical Theatre Review

Music 2200

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2.Performance that features mostly singing. Is usually performed with an orchestra.
8.Wrote Wicked, the musical.
10.An early staged variety show that included songs, dances, and comedy skits.
11.This musical is based on songs by Queen.
12.This type of musical uses modern, rock music.
13.A long speech by one person in a musical or play.
16.Played Glinda.
17.An inventory of compositions mastered and performed by a musician.
18.The spoken lines of a play or musical show.
20.A form of theatre combining songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.
21.One of the most well known, and famous musical composers.
1.Musicals are usually performed ________.
3.Longest running musical in history.
4.Someone who can sing, act, and dance.
5.Musicals started becoming popular in this century.
6.New York, Toronto, London, or France. Which is not one of the largest centres for musical theatre?
7.This type of musical uses previously released popular songs for its score.
9.Second longest running musical in history.
14.Stage play with songs and dance interspersed with spoken lines.
15.Italian, French, English and ______. Languages usually sung in opera.
19.Tells the story of the Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the West.
20.Played Elphaba.

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