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1           2         3                       4    
5   6               7             8
    10 11              
      13               14
15   16                              
20                 21                                                
      22 23       24   25                                  
27 28                                                      
29 30                                          
    33                                       34  
35                                 36      
41                 42                        

1.a large group of people who rank closely in wealth
3.number of women increasing in workplace
6.invisible minority
9.men dominating society
11.primary dimension of social class
12.system which layers people according to their power, property and prestige
13.discrimination because of age
16.more open stratification and is primarily on money
17.based on debt, crime, and conquest
19.U.S. government draw a line to determine poverty
20.annilation of jews
21.affects family life, education, politics, religion, health and mental care and technology
23.allows minority to adapt in its own way and speed
28.making life unbearable for minority so they leave voluntarily
30.way of life that perpetuates property from generations
31.increasing proportion of aging population
32.associated with voting practices
33.ethnic variation and no dominant group
35.greater power, privileges and social status by group in power
38.unfair treatment based on characterstics
39.quiet blending of ethnic groups
40.industrialization led to four groups of nations
41.Miss Rivers' Lodge studied
42.widens for minorities
43.respect or regard
44.biology is not destiny and gender should be equalized
2.lifelong and boundaries are firm, india's is based on religion
4.discrimination is woven into the fabric of society
5.singled out for unequal treatment and collective discrimination
7.expansion of political boundaries and migration
8.dominant group exploits minority group
10.between generations when different social classes are held
14.based on technology; most industrialized, industrialized, least industrialized
15.freedom or self direction
18.minority group that is majority population
22.structural feature that sorts socities into different life experiences
24.money received as wages
25.large numbers of people that move up and down the social class ladder
26.more food, better public health and ways to fight disease
27.large numbers of people move social class on balance
29.attempt to destroy a group of people
34.cars, land, buildings, and animals
36.how countries first got the jump on the the rest of the world
37.prejudice based on frustration and blame on innocent party

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