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Take the Mikio Owaki crossword puzzle and see if you know everything that needs to be known about Mikio Owaki.

1 2
4   5           6
7           8    
10                   11      

3.The people Mikio Owaki serves are his _____________
5.Mikio Owaki _______ his food service down for the day when something drastic was occuring
7.The country Mikio Owaki was running his business in in the movie he starred in
8.Mikio Owaki must cook his food in this
9.A place of fame and fortune where movies are all the rave is where Mikio Owaki went to gain his movie career
10.Mikio Owaki owns and runs this business
11.The job Mikio Owaki held at his business in the movie
12.This body of water was a big concept in the movie Mikio Owaki starred in
13.What Mikio Owaki serves his food in
15.The eating utensils Mikio Owaki uses to eat his food
1.The one and only movie the world-famous Mikio Owaki starred in
2.The temperature was ______, certainly not hot, when Mikio Owaki closed his business down for the day
3.Shortly after Mikio Owaki shut down his buisness for the day, a man was seen talking into something
4.One of the two things that fell from the sky during Mikio Owaki's scene (solid)
6.The food Mikio Owaki serves
10.One of the two things that fell from the sky duing Mikio Owaki's scene (liquid)
14.Mikio Owaki moved to this country to become a movie star

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