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WeTHRIVE! crossword puzzle

1             2 3
4         5  
  8 9              
  14     15      

1.Communities came together to grow this red fruit in their gardens
4.New outdoor fitness equipment can be found on Woodlawn's ______ path next to the community center
6.This tool is used around the community to measure the success of each part of the community
7.Gardener's ___________ fresh produce to churches and residents in need to have access to healthier foods
9.The first healthy corner store in Lincoln Heights
11.Communities are working on Policy, Systems and ___________ strategies to create changes that last for generations to come
13.Improved sidewalks, well lit streets and crosswalks all promote a more __________ community
14.The last name of our speaker who came and talked during the recognition event about the common good.
1.Two communities and all schools passed _________ free policies
2.(two words) Saint Monica's Rec center opened their doors to the community and Saint Simon's Church through this type of policy
3.The number of childcare centers that passed wellness resolutions
5.(two words) The aim of WeTHRIVE! is to create tobacco free environments, increase healthy eating and increase __________ _________
8.This Lockland park hosts a Frisbee golf course and skate park
10.Lincoln Heights recently celebrated a new playground build at this field
12.The main goal of WeTHRIVE! is to improve ________ and quality of life for all
15.WeTHRIVE! is funded in part by this federal agency

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