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Leisure & Sports!

Read the clues carefully and then put the words in the right place. Use capital letters and put one letter for each box.

1 2    
4             5
6     7  
9 10

2.Athletes _____ to win a race.
4.Barcelona is a famous _____ team.
7.I ____ at school now, not at home.
8.Madonna ____ beautifully.
11.Put an apostrophe (') and you have two words in one. We also use it as in: 'the cat drank ____ milk'.
1.I ____ it when he lies!
2.____ books is a good habit.
3.'What are you ____?' 'I am solving a crossword puzzle.'
5.Everyday I ____ new things at school.
6.Girls ____ flowers.
9.Clowns ____ other people to make us laugh.
10.He ____ my friend.

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