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Dr Julia Percival

1 2
    4         5
6               7        
      12             13
    14   15  
  16                 17    
19                         20    
22   23                 24            
27           28                              

3.how many waves in a second
4.the act of taking in radiation, usually done by a bond, nuclei or electrons
6.several atoms of the same element that feel the same field in NMR
8.the field used during NMR spectroscopy
9.the act of giving out radiation by a bond, nuclei or electron movement
11.shape of a peak from a proton adjacent to one other proton
12.centre of an atom
14.the name given to a recorded signal in spectroscopy
16.the name given to the energy used in most forms of spectroscopy
19.the conventional units for the y axis in IR spectroscopy
21.another word for a positive hydrogen
22.the reciprocal of wavelength
24.two atoms of the same element with different masses
25.Wavelength of radiation that is between visible and X-ray
26.speed of light divided by frequency
27.shape of a peak from a proton with no neighbours
28.the name for a particular common collection of atoms in organic chemistry
1.wavelength of radiation that interacts best with organic bonds
2.shape of a peak from a proton with three neigbours
3.parts a molecule is broken into during mass spectrometry
5.hold two atoms together
6.the name given to different parts of a molecule in NMR
7.neutral nucleon
10.the less conventional units for the y axis in IR spectroscopy
13.the units of the x axis in NMR
15.the directional change that nuclei undergo in a magnetic field
17.the name of the x axis in NMR
18.positive nucleon
20.the effect of neigbouring protons on a 1H NMR peak
23.the name given to repetitive

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