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Marketing I, Chapter 4.2, Vocabulary Review

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3.information that is not public knowledge; such as trade secrets, formulas, recipes or test results. (two words)
7.involves hiring a foreign manufacturer to make the products (according to specifications) of a United States business. (two words)
9.selling the same product and using the same promotional strategies in all countries.
10.large corporations that have operations in several countries.
11.a business enterprise that companies from different companies set up together. (two words)
1.midsize or smaller companies that have operations in foreign countries.
2.the establishment of a business in a foreign country. (three words)
4.a legal agreement to sell a company’s name, logos and trademarks and products and methods of operating in exchange for a fee and/or royalties.
5.involves letting another company use a trademark, patent, special formula, company name, franchise agreement, or some other intellectual property for a fee or royalty.
6.creations such as music, literature, artistic works (paintings, movies), inventions, symbols, names, images and designs owned (exclusively) by a business or individual. Trademarks and patented and copyrighted goods and materials are examples. (two words)
7.the process of creating products or promotional strategies for certain foreign countries or regions.
8.the use of a company’s existing products or promotional strategies to which changes are made to better meet consumer needs or cultural differences of a foreign country.

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