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Things about food

Esnaider Devoliere

exactly what the title says

1 2 3      
6         7 8
    9 10
11 12            
      13         14
15               16    

2.____ beef
4.utensil usually used for eating spaghetti
5.any pungent, aromatic, substance of the vegetable variety used to top dishes
6.After lunch
11.slogan: always fresh, never frozen
13.extra crispy breakfast meat
15.a food produced when a variety of sauces, meats, and cheeses are placed between 2 slices of bread
16.____ and cheese sandwich
18.bread that is crunchy
1.food usually used to top sandwiches
7.It's color is derived from a vast assortment of grape varieties
8.____ in the sea
9.____ and meatballs
10.a usually optional meal in the middle of the day
12.Grade A ____
14.another name for the sweet potato

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