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The Design Process

Andrew Dunshea

Halpz! An evil curse has been placed over the lands! The only way to stop it, is to design an awesome picture, capable of sending the demons back to the bowls of the planet! The catch? You don't know the elements of designing objects. Finish the crossword to complete the picture!!! Once you have everything, use these to create a picture, and attach it with the finished crossword.

1 2
  3     4    
7                   8
  9           10  
  12   13        

3.Deletes the selected area.
5.Sounds like balloon
6.A program used to layout images and text. Logo is pink.
7.What we use to edit pictures easily. Logo is blue.
9.Red, blue...
11.Square, circles...
12.You kick it.
1.A copy of it.
2.How you create the design. (2 Words)
4.Sounds like fudge.
7.Tesselations are ____
8.A straight _____
10.Lots of colours. A program shares this name.
12.A paint ____
13.Make a spare ____

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