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Media Keywords Crossword

1 2 3
9 10                
11           12               13

6.Communication that reaches a large audience
7.This approach focuses on how we as an audience use the media as opposed to the media using us.
8.Certain groups in society that are negatively represented in the media and often were blamed for society’s problems
10.The sociologist who came up with a sociological term after the mods and rockers were reported negatively in the media
11.This man owns The Sun, The Times, 20th Century Fox and many more media companies!
14.A type of newspaper. It is associated with the working classes and often contains celebrity news
1.This model believes the media gives daily injections
2.This view believes that the media is owned by lots of companies and shows a range of views in society
3.Male celebrity who challenges gender stereotypes by looking after his children
4.This approach believes that the content of media can be interpreted in different ways.
5.A type of newspaper. It is associated with the middle classes and includes news from the UK and around the world
9.Famous female author who challenges gender stereotypes in the media
12.This view believes that the media is owned by a few rich and powerful companies
13.An example of a very popular social networking site

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