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Hard Drives Part 2

Sharon Lambert

Understanding and Installing Hard Drives

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3.Another name for logical drive
8.A mode of addressing information on hardrives in which the BIOS and OS view the drive as one long linear list of logical block addresses. (2 Words)
13.A type of filing system used by computers today
14.Another name for lost clusters (3 Words)
16.A partition on a hard drive that can contain only a single logical drive (2 Words)
17.logical geometry (2 Words)
18.Wasted space on a hard drive caused by not using all availabel space at the end of the clusters
19.CHS mode (2 Words)
20.A technique used by system BIOS and hard drive controller BIOS to break the 504-MB hard drive barrier
1.A method of storing data on a hard drive whereby the drive can have more sectors per track near the outside of the platter (3 Words)
2.High level formatting (3 Words)
4.A process that electronically creates the hard drive tracks and ssectors and tests for bad spots on the disk surface (3 Words)
5.An ATAP calbing method that uses a narrower and more reliable cale than the 80-conductor cable (2 Words)
6.A transfer mode that uses the CPU to transfer data from the hard drive to memory (3 Words)
7.File fragments that contain data that does not belong to any file (2 Words)
9.Serial ATA (2 Words)
10.Table of partition information (3 Words)
11.The number of heads, tracks and sectors that the BIOS on the hard drive controller presents to the system BIOS and the OS (2 Words)
12.A variation of the original DOS 16-bit FAT that allows for long filenames and 32-bit disk access
15.An IDE cable tha tis narrower and has fewer pins than the parallel IDE 80-conductor cable (3 Words)

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