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Supporting Hard Drives

Sharon Lambert

A+ Certifcation Supporting Hard Drives

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1.The top or bottom surface of one platter on a hard drive
7.A table at the beginning of the hard drive that contains information about each partition on the drive (2 Words)
11.The overall structure that an OS uses to name, store, and organize files on a disk (2 Words)
13.The file system for the Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating system
16.A way to partition one or more drives, in which information about the drive is stored in a database at the end of the drive (2 Words)
18.One or more sectors that constitute the smallest unit of space on a disk for storing data
19.A process that electronically creates the hard drive tracks and sectors and tests for bad spots on the surface (3 Words)
20.A hard drive that uses both magnetic and SSD technologies (3 Words)
22.A hard disk partition that can contain only one volume (2 Words)
24.A sealed, magnetic coil device that moves across the surface of a disk (2 Words)
25.Formatting performed by the Windows Format program (3 Words)
26.Another name for a hard drive (3 Words)
27.One of many concentric circles on the surface of a hard drive or floppy disk
28.The Vista technology that supports a hybrid hard drive
29.Another name for Solid State Device (3 Words)
2.The primary partition on the hard rive that boots the OS (2 Words)
3.A way to partition a hard drive, used by all versions of Windows, that stores information about the drive in a partition table at the beginning of the drive (2 Words)
4.An older IDE cabling method that uses a 40-pin flat or round data cable (2 Words)
5.A primary partition that has been assigned a drive letter
6.A portion or all of a hard drive extended partition that is treated by the operating system as though it were a physical drive (2 Words)
8.The only partition on a hard drive that can contain more than one logical drive (2 Words)
9.The first sector on a hard drive, which contains the partition table and a program the BIOS uses to boot an OS from the drive (3 Words)
10.The main secondary storage device of a PC (2 Words)
12.A fast interface between a host adaper and the CPU
14.One of two technolgies used by hard drives where dat is stored as magnetic spots on disks that rotate at a high speed (3 Words)
15.A table on a hard drive or floppy disk used by the FAT file system that tracks the clusters used to contain a file (3 Words)
17.An electronic device with no moving parts (3 Words)
21.A type of dynamic volume used on a single hard drive that corresponds to a primary partition on a basic disk (2 Words)
23.On a disk surface one segment of a track

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