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Psychological Disorders

Introduction to Psychology

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1.according to this model, maladaptive behaviors must be extinguished and adaptive behaviors acquired
3.the abbreviation for a disorder than includes free-floating anxiety that has lasted at least six months
6.__ of all adults has a diagnosable mental disorder during their lifetimes
9."fear of fear" resulting in severe isolation
11.another way of describing unusualness is statistical ___
12.Negative emotions and maladaptive behavioris result from irrational beliefs," ___ said.
13.Ataques de nervosa is a ___ - bound disorder occurring in some Hispanic countries
14.repetitive behaviors performed to relieve anxiety
15.preoccupation with health worries; many health complaints and doctor visits
17.may be a misinterpretation of a bodily sensation, such as mitral valve prolapse, a relatively harmless dysfunction of a heart valve (2 Words)
19.with DID, there is a core personality and one or more ___ personalities
22.this axis includes personality disorders and mental retardation
23.the lay public often confuses DID with this disorder
24.regarding somotoform disorders, learning theorists suggest that the person has adopted a "___ role" to avoid situations
25.Freud said abnormal behavior results from unresolved __ conflict during childhood
27.one's interpretation of reality is one's ___ which might be faulty
28.according to Mower's two factor theory, phobias may be learned due to classical conditioning and are then maintained by ___ conditioning
30.I'm smart enough to have managed a corporation by the time I was in 8th grade.
33.low levels of this neurotransmitter may result in an anxiety disorder
34.this class of disorders is characterized by physical complaints not explained by organic causes
35.when excessive or prolonged, may be reason to get help coping
36.these attacks of often described as the same symptoms of a heart attack
37.Performing this ritual relieves the person of demonic possession.
2.inability to fulfill roles in work, love, and play is described as ___ functioning
4.one is __ if one violates norms
5.it may be normal to expose oneself to danger in this instance
7.the fear of heights
8.according to the diathesis-stress model, illness results from a ___ for the illness plus stress
10.I feel bugs digging into my muscles.
13.__ refers to the co-existence of two or more disorders
16.self-defeating actions are ___
18.a nagging, intrusive thought
20.according to the sociocultural model, abnormality is caused by the failures of ___
21.an example of this disorder is la belle indifference; the patient is unconcerned about paralysis, for example, because it has some psychological value
26.mental health ___ often result in social prejudices, stigmas and marginalization
29."The self has lost parts of itself resulting in an incongruent personality," ___ said.
30.Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (abbreviation)
31.this is another word for psychosocial and environmental problems which are included in Axis IV
32.the "conversion" disorder treated by Freud

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