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Chapter 12, Decision Making

Dr Ashton - Psych 255

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1.Which of the following is used by retailers to measure the incremental sales that occur when a product is on display? (3 words)
3.The experiential decision-making perspective often focuses on which type of value?
6.unwanted brands (2 words)
12.The cost for a product being up front. (2 words)
13.zombie shopping (3 words)
2.Consumers using which type of decision making approach tend to search diligently for information that will help them reach a satisfactory decision? (3 words)
4.alternatives that are considered acceptable for further consideration in decision making? (2 words)
5.perceived difference between actual state and desired state
7.Will the iphone 4s work as well as I expect? (2 words)
8.Buying repeatedly without any real attachment. (2 words)
9.buying a Porche – cost (2 words)
10.A deeply held commitment to rebuy a product or service regardless of situational influences that could lead to switching behavior? (2 words)
11.okay, rather than optimal, decisions

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