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The Odyssesy

Shyderica Young

1 2 3
4                   5 6        
7 8     9                    
12                 13            
14         15             16
  17       18    
  22           23        

4.The Son Of Odysseus
6.the lady he had an love affair with
8.something they had to grow through on the trip home
10.where they live
11.the monster who trapped them
12.the main characcter
13.The man that ownes the cattle
14.the Princess
17.Rescuer of Odysseus
19.odysseus protecter
20.Man who tried to take his riches
22.What Odysseus is dressed as
23.one of the loyalist
1.The author mainly talkes in this till odysseus tells the story from his pount of view
2.What odysseus tells his side of the story from
3.they place it was probably written
5.The Wife
7.She In love with Odysseus!!
9.What he faught with
14.God of the Sea
15.like trying to take his mom
16.Odysseus Home Land
18.Something Like A cow
21.The burned down town

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