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Mythology Test 1: Review

By Ms. Iocco

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1.Because he wanted man to love him above all and because he couldn't take back Permetheus' gift of fire, he had his son create the first woman, named _____________________, and give this gift to man.
4.____________________________, the goddess of wisdom and war strategy, is said the have emerged from Zeus' head full grown and wearing her armour.
6.In his myth, Prometheus angers Zeus when he defies him and steals _______________ to give to man.
7.Prometheus made man out of ___________________ to look like gods, but have traits of other creatures, like the dog, fox, serpent, etc. in them as well.
11._________________________ is the King of the gods who punished Prometheus for defying him.
13.Pandora's beauty caused Epimetheus to ignore his brother's _______________________ not to accept gifts from Zeus.
14.Zeus was so angry at _______________________ for defying his orders, that he sentenced him to chained up life of extreme heat, coldness, and solitude.
15.___________________________, the god of the sea and earthquakes, has a trudent as his main symbol.
19.To trick ________________________ into thinking that Zeus held no grudge against him for his brother's crimes, he gave Pandora to him to be his bride.
20.In the myth, Zeus ordered _____________________, the god of travel, to bring Pandora to Epimetheus as a gift.
21.When Prometheus mixed so many different traits into humans, many traits were at odds; to balance them out he had to give them an __________________________.
23.______________________, the goddess of marriage and married women, was married to Zeus.
24.When Pandora opened the ______________________ that Prometheus had given his brother to guard, she released all evil and sickness into the world like sins, plagues, and misery.
25.One ________________________ within
29.The goddess of the hearth and home is ___________________________.
32.When his father, Helius, offered to grant him any wish, Phaethon wished to drive the ___________________ of the Sun for one day.
33._________________________, Apollo's twin sister, is the goddess of the moon, single women, hunting, and childbirth.
34.While chained up, a _____________________, sent by Zeus, would feast on his liver every day and when the liver would grow back each night, the horriblle ordeal would occur over and over again.
37._________________________, the god of war and violence, has dogs, vultures, and a spear and shield as his symbols.
38.____________________________, the god of the underworld, is usually depicted with his three-headed guard dog known as Cerberus.
2._____________________, the goddess of wisdom, is said to have given Pandora the gifts of beauty, sweet talk, and cunning tricks.
3.Before leaving for his punishment, Prometheus had the foresight to warn his brother Epimetheus, whose name means __________________________, not to take any gifts from Zeus and to guard a special box as well.
5.______________________, the god of sunlight, truth, poetry, music, and healing, has the lyre and laurel wreath as his symbols.
7.One theme within, "How Evil Came into the World," was that being too _________________________ can be a bad thing sometimes.
8.Zeus required his son, ____________________________, the blacksmith, to carry out Prometheus' punishment as well as to create "the first woman."
9.Since all the ____________________ gave hers something as she was being created, Pandora's name means, All-Gifted.
10._____________________________, the god of wing, partying, and drama is usually depicted with a cup of wine in his hand or a leopard beside him.
12.Before he went on his wild ride, Helius warned his son not to goo to hight or he'd burn the heavens and not to go too low of he'd burn up the _____________________.
16.______________________, the god of love, is usually depicted with his eyes closed to show that "love is blind."
17.__________________________, the goddess of all growing things, has a cornucopia as one of her symbols.
18.While on his wild ride, Phaethon encountered themonsters of the sky, the _____________________(Cancer), the Lion (Leo), and the Scorpion (Scorpio)
22.At the Earth Mother's request, Zeus hurled a huge ________________________ bolt at Phaethon to end his wild ride and, inevitably, end his life as well.
26.After all the evil flew out of "Pandora's Box," only one good thing remained, a beautiful angelic figure that told Pandora and Epimetheus that she would never leave them because "While there's life, there's ____________________________."
27.After boys at school teased him for making up that his father was Helius, Phaethon ran home crying to his mother, __________________________.
28."The Horses of the Sun" is one of many __________________________ myths that tried to explain natural occurrences like earthquakes and rain..
30.After his death, a tombstone was put up to honor Phaethon and his bravery, while his sisters, the Heliades, were turned into trees whose ___________________ would falk from the leaves and forever water the river.
31.Before Apollo took over ________________________ was in charge of the sun.
35.Prometheus was the greatest of the ______________________, the race of giants descended from Gaea and Uranus.
36.Although Helius was not happy about it, he could not take back the promise he had made to his son because one of the eternal ___________________ of the gods was that gods could not take back their promises.

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