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Starcraft 2 Crossword

Kevin Chau

A crossword testing the knowledge of the Starcraft universe and famous people within the industry.

1 2 3
  4         5     6
        7 8          
10                           11             12 13
          14   15         16
17 18                 19                    
21         22 23 24            
25           26                      
                    30 31
              32     33          
      34                                       35 36    
37             38                
    41   42     43    
44   45      
46       47 48              
50             51            
        52         53
54 55             56             57   58    

4.Best harassment unit in the game
8.Terran's required to micro intensively with many
10.Worst upgrade in game (2 Words)
11.Always Forge Fast Expands vs. Zerg
15.Lowest health unit in the game
18.Worst building in game currently (2 Words)
19.Multipurpose unit with no attack
24.Rage quitter
25.Powers many buildings (2 Words)
27.Building least built in game (2 Words)
29."Manner bear" (2 Words)
33.Fastest regenerating unit
34.Most entertaining harassment type (3 Words)
35.Comes with jetpack if you buy Collector's Edition
37.Becoming more common in TvsT
38.Commonly used by the SlayerS team
39.Building most often used to break supply limit
40.Least viable unit in game
41.Can live up to it's name with a warp prism
49.Worst unit in game
50.Gives good feedback (2 Words)
52.Hard counter to most air units
54.Most micro intensive unit in game
56.Has ability that is probably least used in game
58.Worker with most HP
59.Easily killed with a scan
60.Destiny's "baby"
1.Zerg's macro mechanic
2.Replaced with the baneling
3.Deadly green landmine
5.Team with two players having 3 GSL wins each (2 Words)
6.No counters
7."Prismatic core online" (2 Words)
9.Used to be most common protoss build (3 Words)
12.Slow unit that can be easily sniped if there's support (2 Words)
13."____ Reporting"
14.Korean known for creative playstyle
16.Player with the most money won from tournaments
17.Usually only built if opponent builds first (2 Words)
20.Similar to Arbiter
21.High DPS, annoying unit (2 Words)
22.Terran's only unit bad against protoss (2 Words)
23.Replaced with the Infestor
26.Powerful if you know how to use
28.Standard vs. Terran (3 Words)
30.Most informative Starcraft videos on Youtube
31.Great against bundles of air units
32.Unit to most easily swarm with
36.2 marines are better than this
42.Most broken worker
43.The casting archon
44.Foreigner known for creative playstyle
45.Eats stalkers for breakfast
46.Dance created for the building by Day9 (2 Words)
47.Unit with only air to ground attack
51.Worker that harasses the best
53.Usually monthly tournaments with high money prize
55.Best interviewer
57.Least used unit for Terrans

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