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Michael McWilliams

Answers are Christmas-related terms.

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5.Use of these objects for illuminating decoration dates back as far as the mid-17th century.
7.The fifth gift from my true love to me. (2 Words)
8.Any successful Christmas celebration includes the presence of these treats, some of which are reserved for a late-night visitor.
10.In this video: http://bit.ly/sxNl68 Ricky gives thanks to this 8 pound 6 ounce person. (2 Words)
11.We don't see much of this holiday staple in Texas.
13.My favorite Christmas movie features sweet jazz and this person learning what Christmas is all about. (2 Words)
15.An Indiana town claims this famous Christmas character as its namesake. (2 Words)
16.A German carol claims of this object, "Wie treu sind deine Blätter!"
17.According to Meredith Wilson, the prettiest sight you'll see this Christmas is this object on your front door.
18.The city where most of the events of Luke 2:1-20 take place.
19.Unless you want to be upstaged, don't invite Bette Midler to join you in performing these.
20.Contrary to scientific belief, these animals DO in fact fly.
1.In the Bing Crosby song "The Holiday Season", we are reminded to not forget this Christmas decoration/tradition.
2.This gift, given to Jesus upon his birth, is aromatic oleoresin so valuable at times in ancient history that it has been equal in weight value to gold.
3.It wouldn't be Christmas without this Orchestra known for rocking out. (2 Words)
4.Tis better to give than receive...
6.Mentioned in most all Christmas songs, this object can be used as a decoration or a percussion instrument! (2 Words)
9.These objects, used to festoon a tree, were invented in Lauscha, Germany in 1847.
12.The name of a sister-and-brother vocal group, also coincidentally the profession of Jesus' earthly father.
14.This holiday decoration is known for generating large amounts of PDA.

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