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Tap Dance

Gregg Geoffroy

1 2 3 4   5         6      
  9     10         11
12                 13   14          
15 16   17               18
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  27       28 29        

3.Abrv. Jazz Tap Ensemble
5.Step traditionally performed to 3/4 time
7.A punch of the toe's furthest edge
12.Founded the American Tap Dance Orchestra
14.Another name for an "open third"
17.Older name for someone rhythm dancing
19.Linda Soh-Donnel founded this musical group in taps
20.A ball of the foot from a heel-hinge
22.You can do this with or without tap shoes
24.2 Sound step whether down/up or forward/backward
27.Charles "____" Coles
28.Horizontal strike of the heel
30.A difficult movement starting from the side of your shoe; sounds like a riffle
31.Credited with introducing heel use to tap dance
32.2 Sound step you need to stay grounded and move on
34.Coles and ______ were known as "A Class Act"
35.Dance that simulates the brush work of a drummer
36.Nickname for the dancer whose wooden taps sounded like a "bone-jangler"
1.Original name for the Shim Sham Shimmy
2.Downward strike of the heel
4.The musical "speed" at which you travel
6.Charles "______" Cook
8.Brothers known from stacking on the wings at breakneck tempos
9.Two brothers known for their flash dancing
10."_____" Briggs
11.Jimmy Slyde was famous for it
13.Shuffle off to this destination
15.Earnest "______" Brown
16.Sand dancer Simms
18.Opposite of stamp
21.The beginnings of an up the front timestep
23.Look closer! It sounds and looks similar to a shuffle.
25.Buck and wing is essentially these staples of tap dance
26.Notes made flying up above the floor
29."_____" and Chuckles were a tribute to "Buck and Bubbles"
30.Often connected to walking
33.Maurice and Gregory

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