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2   3            
    4     5    
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9                                 10
19             20    

2.The town that Jesus was born in
4.The words to say Merry Christmas in Norwegian (2 Words)
8.who wrote the song " Here Comes Santa Claus in 1947 (2 Words)
9.This movie appears on television more often than any other holiday movie (4 Words)
11.The holiday berries that are poisonous (2 Words)
13.Was born on Christmas Day!
14.The original St.Nick was born in_______ in the 4th Century
16.The number of Candy canes that will be made during the Christmas season (2 Words)
18.When were the first electric lights for trees first used
19.What country made the first artificial Christmas trees made out of goose feathers and dyed green
20.If you received all the gifts in the song " The Twelve Days of Christmas" how many would you get
1.The first state to recognize the Christmas holiday officially
3.The most Famous Christmas Ballet (2 Words)
5.This song was originally wrote for Thanksgiving in 1857,but then became one of the most popular Christmas songs (2 Words)
6.The Christmas song that Elvis Presley is famous for singing (2 Words)
7.The Date When Christmas became a national in America
10.Who brought the first poinsettia into the united Sates from mexico (2 Words)
12.The name of the angel that came to Marry saying that she would have a son to be called Jesus
15.This type of stone is sold around Christmas more than any other time of year
17.What is the year that Charles Dickens wrote " A Christmas Carol" in only 6 months

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