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Skeletal System

Ashely LeBlanc

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1.Also called spongy bone (2 Words)
3.Little canalswhich link together osteocytes
4.Cartilage cells
5.Makes bones resilient
8.Formation of bone by osteoblasts
10.Cantral shaft of a long bone
11.Weight-bearing portion of the vertebrae
12.Socket of the hip joint
14.Makes bones hard but also brittle
17.Soft spots (on babies)
19.The spaces between lamellae where osteocytes are located
20.Maintenance bone cell
23.Join uniting bones of the skull
24.Bone-eating cells
25.Bony rings that make up the osteon
26.A hole in a bone
28.Site of growth in a long bone
29.Where two bones come together
1.Large center hole in the osteon (2 Words)
2.Bone forming cell
6.Freely movable joint
7.Scientific name for the cheek bone
9.Non-movable joint
13.What covers the outter surface of bone
15.Soft tissure in the medullary cavity
16.Rods or plates of bone thta make up spongy bone
18.Zone of tissure repair betweem two bone fragments
21.A lump on a bone
22.Central canal with lamellae and osteocytes
27.Unpaired U-shaped bone

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