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Lucy's Bernard Brainbuster: How well do you know yourself?

  3 4
6                       7     8  
    11 12 13       14          
        15             16
17     18                        
              27     28            

2.The voice actor who played the young you in The Conscientious Cross- Guard
6.The episode where you inform Mandy and David about the strange week in Odyssey.
10.Your business' name
12.You said, "I haven't had this much fun since I had my ______ removed."
18.In The Poor Loser, you beat Eugene at this game seven times in a row
19.The number of episodes you appeared with me (Lucy)
23.Your somewhat distant cousin
25.The episode where you drank my (Lucy's) lemonade
26.Your wife's name
27.one food you like
29.In The Pilgrim's Progress, you played this character
30.Your business' phone number
1.The episode where you and Eugene go off on a wild treasure hunt
3.In The Triangled Web, you help this character try to win back my heart
4.This character tries to take over your janitorial service in My Fair Bernard.
5.You won this award for your excellent janitorial work.
7.You love to tell ________ ____________,
8.something you greatly detest
9.The main voice actor who plays yourself
11.The album where you and Eugene go on a road-trip from Odyssey to California.
13.The place where you wash windows and where I went to school as a child
14.The first episode you appeared in
15.In this episode, you used a squeegee to clean Eugene's computer.
16.The Christian television show you host
17.The last official episode you appeared in (a two-parter)
20.Your mailbox is in this shape
21.In last in a long line, you say: I think I'd rather pull out my fingernails with a pair of ____ ________.
22.In the Forgotten Deed, you say "How would you like a squeegee shoved up your nose?" to this character
24.The number of episodes you have appeared in
28.You have _______ siblings

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