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Term One

Ian Berry

Review of subjects from term one

1         2  
4                   5  
  6 7                  
    8               9  
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    15   16                          
19               20                         21
22                       23         24      

1.Ministry responsible for courts and prisons
4.Fear or hatred of homosexuals
6.When people from outside a group or community begin to fit in
8.Assumption that all people from a group are the same
11.Upper chamber of the human heart
12.House where MPs sit
15.Leadership style that seeks to improve and change team members
19.Fairness for everyone
20.Leadership style involving the use of rewards, incentives and punishments
22.Leadership through use of rules and regulations
23.Pre judge a person or group
25.Belief that your ethnic group is most important
26.Level of government
27.Large blood vessel
2.Shared behaviour or belief passed from generation to generation
3.Treating a person or group less favourably than another
5.Law(s) created by Government
7.Gain UK citizenship after living here for 5 years
9.Name of the main teaching block
10.Relaxed leadership style (2 Words)
13.Mr Partridge's first name
14.Government Office responsible for the Police
16.Strong leadership style
17.Arm muscle
21.How MPs are selected for parliament
22.Test involving running between fixed points at timed intervals
24.Ministry responsible for the armed forces

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