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Unit Three Med-Surg

Mary Morales

Gastrointestional System Nursing Knowledge and Management

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1.Visualize lower esophagus
3.Sac-like outpouchings of one or more layers of
5.Direct irritating effect on gastric mucosa
7.Inflammation of gastric mucosa
9.H2R blocker
11.can occur in any portion of the stomach, they are most commonly found in the antrum.
13.disruption of capillary wall of mucosa
16.One-stage operation, Removal of colon, rectum, and anus with closure
17.The best results may be obtained with a combination of surgery, endoscopic ablation, chemotherapy, and radiation.
18.Forceful ejection of partially digested food and secretions
19.Peristalsis of lower two thirds of esophagus absent
22.Assessment of drainage, maintenance of the tube, and oral and nasal care are
23.This drug causes extrapyramidal side effects including tremor and tardive dyskinesias similar to Parkinson’s disease with long term use
24.Stomach slides into thoracic cavity when supine, goes back into abdominal cavity when standing upright.
25.Usually appears as ulcerated lesion
1.Removal of part or all of the esophagus
2.the patient is on nothing-by-mouth
4.Analyze contents for acidity and volume
6.Initially with meat, then with soft foods and liquids
8.they are contraindicated for the patient with glaucoma
10.Continuous infusion is most often used with critically ill patients
12.Destroyer of mucosal barrier
14.may be ordered for the patient who has a functioning GI tract but is unable to take any or enough oral nourishment.
15.the lack of cobalamin results in
20.is classified as either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis based on clinical symptoms
21.PO administration to increase caloric intake

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