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Religious Crossword Puzzle

Jake Weston

This puzzle is about Catholic Church teachings.

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1.What is the meaning of a school not being related to any Church?
3.Starting with "M", What is another word meaning Compulsory?
4.The _______ Public did not approve of teaching Religion.
6.Mary Mackillop was believed to be able to preform ______ on people who were sick.
7.In what month of 2010 did Mother Mary become a saint?
9.In what month did Jesus Die?
12.On the 25th of which month, Was Jesus born?
14.Who died for our sins and rose 3 days after?
2.Schools in Australia became Free, ________ and Secular.
5.In what state was the first Australian catholic school opened?
8.Mary Mackillop, Became "Mother Mary Of The ______"
10.What country was Catholicism from?
11.The sisters of Charity and The sisters of ______ opened the first catholic school in Australia.
13.______ Mackillop, Was the first Australian Saint to be Canonised.

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