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Network Topologies Ch.1

Networking ITT Tech

Networking strategies for computers.

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1.The Ethernet LAN media-access method, carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
6.The agency that assigns IP addresses to computer networks
8.The portion of the IP address that defines which netowrk the IP packet is originating from or being delivered to
10.Twisted-pair cables capable of carrying up to 1000 Mbps of data up to a length of 100 meters
13.Translates the private IP address to a public address for routing over the internet
18.The 8-pin modular connector used with CAT6/4e/5 cable
19.Network of users that share computer resources in a limited area
22.Internet service provider
23.Same as host number
25.A network topology configured in a logical ring that complements the token passing protocol
28.A unique 6-byte address assigned by the vendor of the network interface card.
29.A port number is tracked with the client computer's private address when translating to a public address
32.Broadcasts the data it receives to all devices connected to its ports
34.The physical input/output inferfaces to the networking hardware
35.Device used to interconnect wireless networking devices and to give access to wired devicesand establish the broadband Internet connection to the ISP
36.Uses cables and connectors to establish the network connections
38.The interface for the networking devices
42.The electronic hardware used to interface the computer to the network.
45.Enables the MAC address information to be displayed from the command prompt
47.A numerical representation
48.Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, on of the major standars-setting bodies for tecnological development
49.Used to prevent unauthorized access to your network
51.Transmission of data by a hub to all devices connected to its ports
54.Unique 32 bit address that identifies on which network the computer is located as well as differentiates the computer from all other devices on the same network
56.All networking devices are directly connected to each other
57.The portion of the IP address that defines the location of the networking device connected to the network; also called the host address
58.A type of coaxial cable used to connect LANs configured with a bus topology
60.The most common networking topology in today's LANs where all networking devices connect to a central switch or hub
2.Type of firewall that inspects incoming data packets to make sure they correspond to an outgoing request
3.Provides grouping of the information for transmission
4.A technique where an electrical token circulates around a network-control of the token enables the user to gain access to the network
5.The first 3 bytes of the MAC address that identifies the manufacturer of the network hardware
7.Megabits per second
9.Wi-Fi Alliance-an organization that tests and certifies wireless equipment for compliance with the 802.11x standards
11.Establishes a secure netowrk connection and is a way to protect your LANs data from bing observed by outsiders
12.IP addresses set aside for use in private intranets
14.Access to the netork is provided at fixed time intervals
15.Where NAT translates the home network's private IP address to a single public IP address
16.Transmit and receive signal pairs are crossed to properly align the transmit signal on on devices with the receive signal on the other device
17.A netowrk that useds IP addressing from identifying devices connected tot the network.
20.Another name for a hub
21.Uses radio signals to establish the network connection
24.Name that is used to identify your wireless network and is used by your access point or wireless router to establish an association
26.Command used to test that a device on the network is reachable
27.A hub that manages the passing of the token in a token-ring network
30.Architecture of a network.
31.Sent by each of the connected devices via the twisted-pair cables when data is not being transmitted to indicate that the link is still up
33.Device that relays the wireless signals from an access point or wireless router into areas with a weak signal or no signal at all
37.Protocol used to verify that a communication link between two ethernet devices has been established.
39.Indicates that the transmit and receive pairs are properly aligned
40.Transmit and receive signal pairs are aligned end-to-end
41.Transmission control Protocol/Internet Protocol, the protocol suite used for internetworks such as the Internet
43.The computers share the media (coaxial cable) for data transmission
44.Allows the connection of a hub or switch to another hub or switch without having to use a crossover cable
46.An internal network that provides file and resource sharing but is not accessed from the internet.
50.Set of rules established for users to exchange information.
52.A limited geographic area that provides wireless access for the public
53.Command used to display the computer's address
55.Forwards a frame it receives directly out the port associated with its destination address
59.Internet Control Message Protocol

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