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Christmas 2011


a group of things that remind you of the holidays... designed to be a small group activity where 2 or 3 students will work with one another with the hope that they will be the first group to finish

1 2 3     4 5 6            
    7     8        
        11   12
14           15              
  16         17                  
  19                   20            
  21 22     23 24  
25             26                    
        31       32 33              
38             39                    

3.the gifts of the magi were frankincense, myrrh and this
6.this was the weird reindeer with a whacked nose
8.the only creature stirring on "the night before Christmas"
9.2 words for a great hot beverage that goes well after a cold day outside
10.the store where Kris Kringle worked from Miracle on 34th Street
13.this two word phrase is the name of a favorite dessert during the holiday season
14.midget workers at Santa's place
15.things you may find under your tree
16.this is a 2 word title that describes the illustrated message one sends at the holidays and was created by Sir Henry Cole in London in 1843
19.the red and green plant you see all around during the holiday season
20.this is Santa's ride
26.a two word title of a Christmas song written when the church organ was broken and couldn't play
27.the shiny stuff you hang on a tree
28.another name for Santa Claus (2 words)
29.another name for Santa (2 words)
30.the geographical location of Santa's Place
32.something some people hang from their fireplace mantel
34.3 words that are the title of the Christmas movie about a kid growing up in Hammond Indiana and wanting a Red Ryder BB Gun
36.a winter outdoor activity that may remind you of the holiday season (2 words)
37.this 5 word song title was first written in the 18th century by Charles Wesley and originally titled "Hark! How All the Welkin Rings"
38.this egg based drink was first comsumed by Captain John Smith in 1607 Jamestown
39.this 2 word phrase talks of the time period between December 25 and January 5 that became significant in the 12th century
40.these things may decorate your tree
41.from this person's oven comes some great holiday treats
42.this song about riding through the snow was copyrighted in 1857 (2 words)
1.the first reindeer tells to get moving ....
2.the site of the manger
4.In this two word title we watch how one person spends his Christmas Eve saving a group of people held captive in a Giant Skyscraper
5.a special type of cake associated with the holidays
6.Santa's parking places on Christmas Eve
7.2 words - the name of the corner bell ringing organization that you see every Christmas
11.without one of these,Santa may not be able to get into your home
12.this group of 3 brought gifts from afar
17.this 3 word title tells of how one Tim Allen became Santa Clause because of a slight legal line on a business card
18.the site of the great big Christmas tree in New York City (2 words)
21.this was a great holiday movie starring Chevy Chase (2 words)
22.2 words - the main street in Chicago that is decorated for the season and hosts the Christmas Parade
23.2 words - the name of the mean tyrant in 'A Christmas Carol"
24.3 words that talk of the things you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve
25.three words for a very popular video game system many want for Christmas
31.in this cartoon, this person (2 words) buys one very ugly Christmas Tree
33.the holiday that really kicks off the Christmas Season
35.a true Northern's view of the type of weather we need for Christmas

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