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Search and Seizure Review

M. Bedard

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2.the act of police luring a person into the commission of a crime
4._________ process of law
7.doctrine that says any illegal evidence in plain sight may be seized
9.the first 10 amendments of the constitution
12.when in ____________, a full search of a person can be made for police safety
16.__________________ search is permitted under the constitution
18.a search that is agreed to is a ______________ search
19.________________ warning of rights to an accused person
21.name of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
23.______ v Ohio, a stop and frisk case
24.rights of the ______________________.
26.____________ v Ohio case that made the 4th Amendment applicable to the states
27.stop and __________ rule
1.probable _______________
3.the rule that illegally seized evidence cannot be used in a court of law
5.________ Gault, the juvenile court case, meaning in regard to the matter of gault
6.rule about police behavior and admissable evidence
8.less serious crime, punishable by less than a year in confinement
10.a search ________________ is necessary to searhc a home under most conditions
11.___________ offense are laws written to protect minors
13.the most prestigious court in our country is the _____________ court
14.serious crime, punishable by more than a year in confinement
15.an __________________ search will render any evidence inadmissable
17.the __________ amendment provides protection from unreasonable search and seizure
20.placing a person under control and restricting their freedom
22.every person is entitled to a fair ___________________
25.place where a dispute is settled before a judge
28.to seek remedy in court

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