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1                 2       3        
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1.a break or crack in the bone where the skin is broken and the bones may stick out of the skin
3.a life threatening condition if signs and symptoms are not recognized and treated as soon as possible
5.an injury to the skin, muscle, or bone usually caused by a blow to the area
6.ligaments are stretched or torn
10.blood escapes from tissues inside the body and cannot be seen
13.a device containing adrenalin which is often used to treat an allergic reaction
15.a separation of 2 bones at a joint
17.a life threatening emergency when either the body's temperature control fails or from heavy physical exertion in high temperatures
18.a lack of oxygen to the brain caused by the blockage of a blood vessel in the brain
19.a wound to the skin usually caused by moving against a rough surface
20.pain caused by a temporary shortage of oxygen to the heart muscle
2.used to create a sling
3.muscles are stretched or torn
4.protective covering placed on a wound
6.a major risk factor for heart disease
7.another name for high blood pressure
8.damage to the skin or other body parts usually caused by extreme heat
9.a loss of body fluids from heavy sweating in a hot and humid environment
11.a combination of artificial respiration and artificial circulation
12.local tissue damage caused by extreme cold
14.an overall cooling of the body due to exposure to cold
16.a serious risk from burns

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