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Paralegal, Discovery Handout

Rhonda Hadnot

Key Terms

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3.Body of law that sets out the rules and standards that courts follow when adjudicating civil lawsuits
8.Asks the court to order either the opposing party of a third party to take some action
9.Notice directing the defendant to appear in court and answer the plaintiff's complaint or face a default judgment; a notice directing a witness or juror to appear in court
12.A party's request tha the court protect it from potentially abusive action by the other party
17.To keep or maintain
18.Notice to opposing party of what action will be taken
1.Process of discovery whereby a party to the action makes a request that certain categories of or specific documents areproduced that are in one wayor another related to a lawsuit
2.Form Interrogatories specifically relevant to a lawsuit
3.Meeting of the parties to an action and their attorney's held before the court prior to the commencement of actual courtroom proceedings
4.Questions that are not included in the form interrogatories and are relevant to the case
5.Evidence that a summons or other process has been served on a party in an action
6.Method of discovery consisting of written questions about a lawsuit submitted by one party to another to help the sender prepare for trial
7.Person or entity who detain the control and possession of an immovable property without having an ownership right for possession
9.Minimum limit of liability required by law
10.The first pleading in a common-law action
11.Requirement of courts that before certain types of motions and/or petitions Will be heard by a judge, the parties must meet to try to resolve the matter or at least determine the points of conflict
13.Method of ADR in which the parties avoid litigation by submitting their dispute to a neutral third person who renders a decision resolving the dispute
14.State in which someone is in accordance with established guidelines, specifications, or legislatn
15.Method of discovery by which parties and their prospective witnesses are questioned outside the courtroom before trial
16.The part of a law that is designed to secure enforcement by imposing a penalty for violation of the law or offering a reward for its observance

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