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Research Methods Crossword

1               2     3       4  
  5   6
8   9              
      11 12
  13 14                          
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22                 23                  

1.Data which is in the form of words/descriptions
3.Kind of sampling method where every member of the population being tested has an equal chance of being selected
7.Experimental design where participatns take part in all conditions of the experiment
9.If the study is this, it is easily replicated and the results are consistent over time
10.Ensure that the variables are in a form that can be tested
13.Experimental design where different participants take part in each condition but they are matched on key variables, e.g. age
15.Data which are measured using units of equal intervals, e.g. counting correct answers
16.Effect which arises as a result of the experimenter cueing participants to behave in a certain way
18.Kind of experiment where the IV changes naturally in the setting in which it normally occurs
19.If the study is this, it is accurate, and measures what it is intending to measure
20.Data which is in the form of numbers
21.The ability to generalise a research effect beyond the particular setting in which it is demonstrated
22.Kind of sampling method where participants self-select to take part in the study
23.Kind of experiment which is done in a controlled setting, experimenter directly manipulates the IV
24.Precise, testable statement of prediction of the relationship between two variables
2.Variable that is directly manipulated by the experimenter
4.Data which are ordered/ranked, e.g. Sally - Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa
5.Measurable outcome of the action of the IV, e.g. amount of words recalled in a memory test
6.Kind of experiment where the experimenter directly manipulates the IV in the setting in which the behaviour normally occurs
8.Kind of sampling method where people who are most easily available are selected
11.Simplest level of data, e.g. Sally - Liverpool, Jo - Manchester Utd, Ray - Manchester City
12.Experimental design where participatns only take part in one condition of the study
14.A statement of what the researcher wants to find out
17.Any variable other than the IV which might affect the DV

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