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Cranial Nerves

Torreya Tripp

1   2    
5                       6    
  7 8              

1.provides information from axons of retinal ganglion cells
4.Sends information about ones balance and information to the medial geniculate nucleus
5.Innervates pharynx and larynx and controls neck muscles
8.Controls eye movement by innervating the lateral rectus muscle
9.Controls the muscles on underside of tongue
11.Provides Proprioception from cheek
12.Provides information to the Rhinencephalon
2.Controls eye movement by innervating the superior oblique muscle
3.Partially responsible for swalling and provides taste input from the posterior 1/3 of the tongue
6.Controls eye movement by innervating the inferior oblique muscles, and SR, IR, MR, and IO.
7.Provides the widest distribution of all the cranial nerves.
10.Has motor and sensory branchs and mediates between sweet and sour taste

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