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Cara Stafford

Complete this puzzle and turn into Cara or Elizabeth. If all your answers are correct, you can put a baseball card in for the iPad drawing :) Good luck and PLAY BALL!

*There are no spaces between words, but that doesn't mean that there are no answers that involve more than one word!

1 2 3 4
      6 7        
8             9          
10         11          
      15       16  
  17 18    
19 20 21                      
22           23 24        
    29       30    

5.PFCU's new system
6.warriors, especially among North American Indian tribes
8.Pennsylvania city home to the Little League Championships
11.Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own: "There's no ______ in baseball!"
12._______ of the Caribbean
13.Italian word for baby; Baby Ruth was the Great one.
14.Team formerly of Brooklyn
15.Georg Jetsons' dogs
21.baseball's 7 game championship (2 Words)
22.Four of these equals a walk to first base
23.one selected to settle disputes
25.plural form of the Spanish word for father.
26.those who make beer
27.place where relief pitchers warm up
28.team of the city of Brotherly Love; also, female horses
29.a hit that enables a batter, without the aid of a fielding error, to score a run by making a nonstop circuit of the bases. (2 Words)
31.next level of competition above states
1.(plural) fish with a spearlike jaw
2.red birds indicitive to the start of springtime.
3.poisonous snake with a pattern of quadrilaterals down it's body
4.baby bears
7.the chief mountain system of W North America, extending from British Columbia to New Mexico
9.what one does to matches
10.supersize humans
16.next in line to bat (2 Words)
17.noun form of "convert"
18.a total vitory; also, name of a Denny's breakfast meal (2 Words)
19.abbrev. for baseball term meaning a runner brought back to home plate, creating a point for that team.
20.piece of playground equipment
24.One of the NY teams
28.______ hitter; to squeeze with fingers
30.baseball team hailing from Cincinatti

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