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Name: __________________________

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1.__________ effect is a learned preference for stimulus to which we have been previously exposed. (2 Words)
7.________ reinforcement is the removal of an unpleasant or aversive stimulus.
8.Programs where reinforcement is contingent on a certain, unvarying number of responses. (2 Words)
11.________ reinforcement is a stimulus presented after a response and increasing the probability of that response happening again.
13.Programs where reinforcement is contingent on a certain, fixed time period. (2 Words)
14.________ reinforcement schedule is where all correct responses are reinforced.
15.________ learning is where new responses are acquired after watching others behavior and the consequences of their behavior.
21.A mental representation of physical space. (2 Words)
22.________ learning is where problem solving occurs by means of a sudden reorganization of perceptions.
23.A biological process, involving physical changes that strengthen the synapses in groups of nerve cells, believed to be the basis of learning. (2 Words)
24.The removal of an appetitive stimulus after a response leading to a decrease in behavior. (2 Words)
25.________ response is a response elicited by a previously neutral stimulus that has become associated with the unconditioned stimulus.
27.________ reinforcers are stimuli, such as money or tokens, which acquire their reinforcing power by a learned association with primary reinforcers.
29.__________ learning includes classical conditioning and operant conditioning that can be described in terms of stimulus and response.
30.________ stimulus is the previously neutral stimulus that comes to elicit the conditioned response.
31.Learning to not respond to the repeated presentation of a stimulus.
32.Stimulus ________ is the extension of a learned response to stimuli that are similar to the conditioned stimulus
33.A lasting change in behavior or mental processes that result from experience.
2.________ response is the response elicited by an unconditioned stimulus without prior learning.
3.________ stimulus is any stimulus that produces no conditioned prior to learning.
4.Relationships between a response and the changes in stimulation that follow the response. (2 Words)
5.__________ conditioning is where a previously neutral stimulus acquires power to elicit same innate reflex produced by another stimulus.
6.Stimulus ________ is a change in responses to one stimulus but not to stimuli that are similar.
9.________ reinforcement is schedule where some, but not all, correct responses are reinforced.
10.Reinforcement programs where the number of responses required for reinforcement varies from trial to trial. (2 Words)
12.The application of an aversive stimulus after a response. (2 Words)
16.Programs where the time period between reinforcements varies from trial to trial. (2 Words)
17.________ stimulus is the stimulus that elicits an unconditioned response.
18.________ conditioning is when the response is changed by its consequences (the stimulus follows the response).
19.Initial learning stage during which the conditioned response comes to be elicited by the conditioned response.
20.The reappearance of an extinguished conditioned response after a delay of time. (2 Words)
24.Boxlike apparatus that can be programmed to deliver rein forcers and punishers contingent on an animal’s behavior. (2 Words)
26.The weakening of a conditioned response in the absence of an unconditioned stimulus.
28.________ reinforcers are that have in innate basis because of their biological value to organisms. Examples are food and sex.

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