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chapter 11

Latifa Aboeid

  3 4
5       6         7    
10   11                          

2.Law-making branch of government, which was one body under the Articles of the Confederation and two bodies (Senate and House of Representatives) under the Constitution
5.representatives for each state
9.the blocking of a port by warships
11.first ten constitutional amendments, which guarantee freedom of speech, press, religion, and other rights
12.a war between Britain and the United States that Ended indecisively
13.revolution led by farmer Daniel Shays
14.don't support new Constitution; feared it gave too much power to government
1.land that the US bought from France in 1803
3.any governmant not ruled by a king or queen and in which power rest with the people
4.kidnap of American sailors to work on British ships
6.president from 1743 to 1826
7.an agreement that sets up two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives
8.leaders who wanted to go against Britain
10.people who support the new Constitution

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