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The Christmas Blessing

Samantha Decker

    3 4      
5       6  
8   9      
11           12              
  13 14              
15             16
  17 18                      
      22           23
24 25              
27         28              

3.The doctor who was one of the transplant surgeons
5.The lady who was the first of Nathan's patients to die
8.Meghan's dad
11.The runner who has a hole in her heart
12.The place where Nathan and Meghan met
14.Meghan's last name
15.Charlie's mother
17.The day Nathan's mother died
19.Nathan's little sister
20.The hospital receptionists
21.The woman who is Grandma's best friend
22.Nathan gave his grandmother a box of ______ for her birthday
24.The woman who just celebrated her 80th birthday
26.The sport that Meghan loves doing
27.The doctor who loves his patients, but who Nathan doesn't like.
28.Meghan's mother
29.The girl who is the new know-it-all of the student group
30.The ranking Meghan has in running in state
1.The engraved present that Nathan's father gave him when he was 16 from his mother
2.Meghan's brother
4.The little girl who was dressed as a firecracker for halloween
6.Young man who is studying to be a doctor but he doesn't know if it's for him
7.The med student who carries more weight than Nathan
9.Nathan's mother
10.The present Nathan gave his mother right before she died
13.Nathan's friend who is also in med school
16.The Last name of Charlie
18.The doctor who Nathan switched to
23.Twelve-year old who loves to watch Meghan run
25.The man who gave Nathan money for the shoes

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