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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney

2 3 4
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10             11 12        
16             17        

1.What did Greg's uncle gave him?
6.What was Greg and his team was about to create?
7.What did Greg do to say thank you the the people's that gave him gifts?
9.What was on the floor of the courtyard ?
10.What did Greg made with an empty bottle of juice and milk ?
12.What's the name of Greg's little brother?
13.Who came in the class room ?
14.What was Greg and Rowley was about to do at the end of the story ?
16.What's the name of Greg's big brother ?
17.What did Greg and Rowley created?
18.What Holiday was it when Greg and Rowley putted there costume?
19.What did Manny did on the wall?
2.With what Greg scared the kids?
3.What's the name of Greg's best friend ?
4.What was Greg and Rowley playing inside the house ?
5.What was Manny doing in his catalog ?
8.What did Greg's mom wanted him to be in ?
10.What did Fregley putted on the paper he gave Greg?
11.What happen to the cheese ?
15.Who sits in front of Greg and behind him?

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