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1 2       3     4
6   7                 8        
10   11                  
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      15         16    
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21           22    
  23       24

2.what is the noise of friendliness that the tiger makes
5.the main character's brother
6.what does the main character use as a shield during the tiger's training
8.what was one of the main character's greatest wants while in the ocean
9.where was the ship that the main character was in headed
11.what is the only animal that attacks the main character (two words)
12.which animal was the last to die on the boat
14.which two characters were constipated (no space & three words)
15.his home religion
17.the main theme
19.the ending setting
21.too much of what causes constipation
25.one of the additional religions that the main character practiced(two words)
27.the full tiger's name (two words)
28.too little of what causes constipation
29.the main character's mom
1.what ate the zebra & decapitated the orangutan
3.how many days did the main character last in the ocean (four words)
4.the main character's dad
7.what ate the rat in the first story (two words)
10.which was the first animal to die
13.what was held in the thirty-two vomit bags
16.the main character's birth place
18.the ocean that the main character was stranded in
20.what did the mani character do on his mother's birthday
22.what is one of the things that the main character ask his parents for (two words)
23.what is the main character's first name
24.what ate the hyena
25.who ate the rat in the second story
26.who taught the main character to swim

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