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Poetry Puzzle Over All the Words


All the words that will be on the final test.

1             2       3      
    4 5
6     7            
10                     11            
  12   13  
15         16               17      
18               19    

1.Giving human qualities to nonhuman things. "My locker is sad!"
7.An object that represents an idea. Fire can symbolize anger
10.Understanding the historical background of a poem
14.Formal, slang, text style, complicated, simple etc...the words you chooseto express yourself
15.Words the recreate sounds "Zip, Buzz, Chop,Boom)
17.The emotion the author wants you to feel
18.A comparison of 2 things NOT using like or as
20.A comparison of 2 things using like or as
21.the order of rhyme marked by A, B, C's
22.The author's attitude
23.A repeated line or lines of a poem
2.Any use of creative language
3.The message in a poem or story
4.Someone who writes poetry
5.Why something is written (to inform, to educate, to persuade)
6.How something is written (form, word choice, purpose, tone, voice etc...)
7.A "paragraph" in a poem
8.a repetition of the first sound of words (Great, green grapes)
11.Understanding the cultural background of a poem
12.Writing the appeals to the senses
13.Writing that is told from the "I" viewpoint
16.Writing that is told from the "he/she" or we viewpoint
19.a story (some poems tell a story)

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