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The Skeletal System

Bryson Getz

Has vocabulary words pertaining to the skeletal system of the human body.

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1.Part of the bone with the spongy bone that produces blood cells and is dark red in color.
8.Strong, lightweight tissue in the bone where the calcium network is less dense.
9.The framework of bones that supports the body, protects internal organs, and anchors all of the body's movements.
10.The tough hard outer layer of the bone that provides protection and support to the body.
11.A place where two parts of the skeleton meet. They give bones the ability to move. They come in different forms and move in different ways.
2.The bones of the skeleton that function mostly to allow movement such as the pelvis, arms, and legs.
3.The central part of the skeleton that forms the axis of your body. It functions mainly for structure and protection of organs. It consists of the cranium, the ribs, and the spinal column.
4.Causes inflammation in the joints and structural changes. It has many causes such as injury.
5.A firm elastic supportive tissue that can provide cushion or structure to the body. It is a type of connective tissue.
6.Connective tissue that connects muscles to bones
7.Connective tissue that connects joints to bones

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