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The Odyssey Book 9

Ryan, Katie, Emily, and Olivia

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1.Odysseus and his men __________ Cicones.
3.The _______ derail Odysseus to the Land of the Cicones.
7.Odysseus claims that ___________ held him against his will.
8.____________ recieves a stab to the eye.
9.Odysseus is on the island of _________ describing his journey to the King of the Phaecians.
11.Odysseus hides from the son of Poseidon by clinging to the underbelly of _______.
2.Odysseus forces his crew members off the ____________.
4.Odysseus tricks Polyphemus by stating that his name is __________.
5.Odysseus tell of his tales to King ______________.
6.The one-eyed creature in Book 9 is a _________.
8.__________ hears the curse made by Polyphemus.
10.A great deal of __________ is displayed by Odysseus.

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