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Common HIB Terms

OCVTS - Architectural/Engineering Design

Use common HIB Terms that match the definitions provided to solve the crossword puzzle.

2 3 4  
5   6                 7  
11             12        
14   15                
  16                 17
18                 19          

5.The action of selection (two words)
8.Persistent threatening or tormenting behavior
9.Harassment method in the form of spoken words
10.To frighten somebody into doing or not doing something
11.To tease a person persistently
15.The act of being left out
16.Intimidation of weaker person
18.Separation from others – being alone
19.Harassment method relating to interaction of people
20.To make fun of someone playfully or maliciously
1.Treating people differently through prejudice
2.The use of physical violence
3.Hostile attitude or behavior
4.Harassment method that deals with the mind or thinking
6.HIB actions by use of electronic media (prefix)
7.Conversation about personal matters, especially when malicious
12.Unevenness of emphasis (power)
13.An unverified report, story or statement
14.Harassment method in the form of bodily contact
17.Somebody who is hurt or killed by somebody or something

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