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It's Begining to Look A Lot Like Christmas

1 2 3 4
6   7           8
    9 10            
13             14    
  16         17
19 20                

5.creammy holiday drink
6.these men brought Jesus three gifts
10.Mary rode this into Bethlehem
12.this man wanted baby Jesus dead (2 Words)
13.baby Jesus was born in one
15.this was one of the gifts the magi brought
16.decorate your house with these for the holidays
18.put one on your door
20.many families take these during Christmas break
21.this was the meaning of Jesus's name
1.you put one up each year and decorate it
2.he was Jesus's father
3.there was no room at the ________
4.we won't go until we get some! (2 Words)
7.fill these with small gifts on Christmas
8.Jesus was born in this city
9.striped red and white (2 Words)
11.these heavenly being rejoiced Jesus's birth
13.she was Jesus's mother
14.if you get caught under this, you might get a kiss
15.a holiday cake tht most people don't like
17.let it ___________, let it ___________!
19.the magi followed this to their Savior

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