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"Marry" Christmas

Aimee Schultz and Aaron Zevenbergen

  5   6
    7   8   9
10                             11
13     14                    
15                           16
  18   19                      
      21     22   23
    25 26            
27         28 29         30        

2.Aaron grew up playing this sport
3.Aimee grew up in this city
10.Aimee is in her 4th year of teaching this grade
12.Aimee plays this musical instrument
14.Aaron grew up in this state
15.The majority of Aimee's family lives in this state
18.Aimee's favorite flowers
20.'Zevenbergen' orginates from this language
21.Aimee's middle name
24.Aaron's middle name
26.One of Aaron's hobbies
27.Aaron's Father's name
29.Aaron enjoys doing this for Aimee
31.Aimee and Aaron got engaged in this month
32.Aimee and Aaron got engaged at this place
1.Aimee now wears this on her finger
4.Aimee and Aaron both live in this city
5.Where Aaron will be temporarily assigned this year
6.Our favorite season
7.Aimee's birthmonth
8.Our preferred footwear
9.Aaron can play this musical instrument
11.Aimee's Mother's name
13.Sport Aimee played in high school
16.The majority of Aaron's family lives in this state
17.Aimee's Father's name
19.The name of Aimee and Aaron's church
22.Aaron's birthmonth
23.Month of our wedding
25.This has helped us see each other even when we are states apart
27.Aaron enjoys working on these
28.Aaron's Mother's name
30.The branch of military service in which Aaron serves

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