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X-Men Book Report

Mary Jane Cole

1 2        
4       5
6           7          
8             9 10            
  11   12        
  13   14
15                     16
19                 20      

2.Friends with Logan; Can't touch other people
6.Has Telepathy; dating Cyclops
7.Xavier runs this for gifted children
8.Doesn't like mutants; tries to pass laws against them
10.Mutants had _____ so they could do special things.
11.The 'Good Guy'; Has Telepathy
15.Xavier is crippled so he has to use this to get around
17.Born with special powers and outcasted from community
19.A non-mutant
20.Magneto's real name
21.Being held against your will (as in Senator Kelly's case)
23.Logan's Nickname
1.Another name for Charles
2.Mutants fought for equal _____.
3.Has laser vision; hates Logan
4.Xavier/ Charles uses this to read thoughts
5.Has a bad temper and long knives in his hands
9.The mutants are at _____ with each other
12.The metal Logan has in his bones; Indestructable
13.Listen to or pay attention closely
14.Magneto controls this
16.Controls the weather
17.Controls Metal
18.Shapeshifting is taking this from someone
22.Has a long tongue and can jump far and high

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