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And the Oscar goes to....

Ehren Behrends

The first Academy Awards:1927-1928

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4.The producer at Paramount Studios who picked up the Oscar for best Picture winner "Wings"
6.Writing: Based On Material From Another Medium won Benjamin Glazer an Oscar for this film, "7th _______
9.Charles Rosier and Karl Struss won an Oscar for the film "Sunrise" in this category
11.This Douglas was the first "host" of the Oscars
12.Janet Gaynor won best Actress for this film, "Street ______
13.The name of the room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where the ceremony was held
14."The Last _______" (the name of the film) for best Actor Emil Jannings
15.Winner of the Unique and Artistic Picture award
16.Paramount Famous Lasky was the film studio that won the Engineering Effects for this film
1.Which "Bros." won a special award for producing "The Jazz Singer"
2.He was the very first Academy Award winner to die and only winner for best Writing:Titles
3.One of the films that won for best Art Direction
5.Best Direction: Dramatic Picture winner, Frank ______
7.Won a special award for acting, directing, writing and producing, "The Circus"
8.The title of Ben Hecht's film which won for Writing: Directly For The Screen
10."Two Arabian _______" won the best Direction: Comedy Picture

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